Future Phone F.A.Q.

Find answers to the most common questions below.

Internet telephony (also known as Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP) is a piece of software (H323,SIP) that enables voice calls, video calls and instant messaging over the internet. Calls between VoIP devices are usually free, while calls to mobile and fixed phone networks are much cheaper than usual.
The process is simple and as soon as your current provider accepts our request, the process will be completed within three business days.
Everywhere! Future Phone will operate anywhere there is a broadband connection. If you have access to Internet, then you have access to our services.
That is no problem at all. Future Phone can provide you with either geo located numbers in 52 countries, or alternatively a toll-free 801 number.
We offer a few standard bundles for individual or businesses with fixed pricing. Alternatively, we offer a quick Cost Estimator to provide indicative pricing on your very own tailored solution.
We accept payments via PayPal, because we like to keep things simple and secure.
Our services can be obtained using both prepaid and postpaid plans. However, the longer you prepay the better pricing you get!
We love security; literally! We use state-of-the-art hardware and software to provide the best possible experience. In addition, we host our servers in the largest data centers in the world.
Yes! Our technical team is at your disposal 12/6 and in emergency cases we won’t stop there. Just submit your ticket and relax! We’ve got you covered.
Yes! In order to make your experience even better, we can suggest SIP-enabled devices based on your needs and provide them to you!
Yes! Through our E-Bill menu, you can have real-time access to your account usage information.
It’s really easy! Enter your device (or softphone app) settings and enter the following values:

• SIP Port: 5060
• SIP Proxy / Domain: as provided in the initial mail
• Account name: as provided in the initial mail
• Password: as provided in the initial mail