Virtual Toll-Free DID numbers

Request a new, real freephone number in many countries around the globe!
Give your business a huge boost, by acquiring a toll-free 801 number!
FuturePhone owns toll-free numbers in Greece and cooperates with other vendors to ensure worldwide services.

Nation-wide Presence

Grow your national presence and accessibility towards your customers and business partners.


With our Cloud-based VoIP solutions you can enjoy easy and affordable setup, ideal for any size of business you operate

What are the benefits?

See what you’re missing out.


  • You opt for a new, real and recognizable toll-free phone number (DID).
  • You let others call you and pay near zero for the call.
  • You make outgoing worldwide calls at super low rates.
  • You can combine multiple DIDs and forward them to one endpoint.
  • You enjoy regular phone advantages, such as Caller ID or Voicemail


Increase customer satisfaction

Your new FuturePhone DID toll-free number can be easily reached by your customers and it’s a very cost-effective way for them to contact your business. It doesn’t matter if you travel a lot or several departments of your company reside in another location.


Memorability through vanity numbers

FuturePhone offers you the ability to own a silver, gold or platinum level number that is easier for your contacts to remember than other regular DIDs. Such a number can help your business with its brand awareness and can also help you generate more leads through advertising. Vanity numbers are, no doubt, a powerful marketing tool.


Credible image

A FuturePhone toll-free number will add a professional image to your business, thus driving people to choose you than your competitors. A lot of marketers choose companies that demonstrate enterprise-level characteristics, such as a toll-free number. Gain more customers & prospects, regardless of your company size.


National presence

A FuturePhone toll-free number will take your business everywhere across the country. Expand your reach and get recognized from a broader target market. You are accessible to your national customers, through a simple and cost-effective way to contact you upon their queries.



Calls towards a FuturePhone cloud-based toll-free number can be answered anywhere in the world, however, the person calling your DID number will only pay local rate for the call.  The only thing you need is a broadband connection (DSL or 3G/4G). If your business needs to relocate for any reason, or if executives are traveling abroad, everyone can still be reachable, since physical location doesn’t matter. A toll-free number combined with a FuturePhone Cloud PBX solution is the ultimate business telecommunication setup.

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