Virtual DID numbers in 50+ countries

Request a new, real telephone number in the area code (city/town/region) of your choice!
Make and receive calls using this number anywhere in the world, and save on huge roaming fees!

Instant Presence

Establish instant presence in a foreign country without local offices and constant travel expenses. Receive calls and let your fellows pay local rates!

Save Money

Forget about roaming charges, and high international rates. Receive your calls for free while traveling and make outgoing calls at super-low rates!

What’s the deal?

See what you’re missing out.


  • You opt for a new, real, local and recognizable phone number (DID).
  • You let others call you and pay local rates for the call.
  • You make outgoing worldwide calls at super low rates.
  • You can combine multiple DIDs and forward them to one endpoint.
  • You enjoy regular phone advantages, such as Caller ID or Voicemail


Answer your calls anywhere

Your new FuturePhone DID number can be dialed at local rates. For instance, let’s assume you setup a +30 21 phone number in Athens, Greece. Any local Greek resident can dial your number and only pay local rate for the call. It doesn’t matter if you travel a lot or you reside in another country. Your calls can be answered anywhere in the world, however, the person calling your DID number will only pay local rate for the call. Local rates, of course, include possible “unlimited local calls” subscriptions that your Greek friend may have at home or in his mobile plan!

FuturePhone Geo Located DIDs can save you and your beloved ones a lot of money. Your friends, family or even business colleagues will not have to dial a foreign number when you’re out of country, traveling. You, on the other hand, can also save on roaming charges by forwarding your existing home or mobile number to the new virtual DID number, and then start answering calls immediately when you arrive to your destination. The only thing you need is a broadband connection (DSL or 3G/4G) and you could literally save loads of money on each trip.

You now have the ability to answer calls normally to your new geo located number, no matter where you are in the world, and nobody will even know that you are traveling abroad.


Never miss a call with Caller ID & Voicemail

When you answer calls on your new FuturePhone DID number, the Caller ID of the person who called you is transmitted as usual, and you will see their number. You also have the ability to set up a Voicemail and receive voice messages from the callers, in case you don’t pick up the call.


Free, unlimited incoming calls available

FuturePhone offers you unlimited incoming calls, most of the times and for the majority of country numbers. Restrictions may apply for certain location numbers that allow fixed minute allowance every month. If that’s the case, then there is a minor per-minute fee, typically around €0,01/min.

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